Friday, September 30, 2011

Somone Else Chooses Your Outfit

I love this idea and purposely saved it for a Friday when I knew that most dress codes would be more relaxed. I hope it was fun for everyone and not an exercise in ugly. :)

Casie's look:

Well, my family had fun with this one. I actually had a little choice in the matter. My 5 year-old developed a family contest. I had a meeting last night and while I was gone, she, my hubz and my 2 year-old each chose an outfit for me- complete with shoes and jewelry. When I got home, I had to choose and outfit. I went with the 5 year-old's pick. However, the baby did a great job too and I promised her that I will wear her outfit tomorrow. I consider this look to be very ladylike.

skirt and shoes- Old Navy thrifted
shirt- handmade by me

necklace- Stella & Dot

ring- ???
earrings- had them since like junior high or something

Tress' look:

Tress' outfit was picked out by her 4 year-old son, Charlie. He picked the necklace and the shirt and then got bored with the process (like you would if you were 4 and a boy). She through on the jeans cuz it is casual Friday. I think he chose an excellent version of boho chic for his mommy.

Jillian's look:

"I had to get out of the house early today so I resorted to my daughter selecting me her favorite necklace and 'slinky' bracelet. This is an interesting one though... i want to see what other folks experienced!"
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