Monday, October 3, 2011

Super Friends

I used to watch the Super Friends. Most of what I recall involves the Wonder Twins and Wonder Woman's invisible plane. Also, did one of those guys have a monkey?

Oh wait, it was the Wonder Twins I think.

You know, it seems like if you aren't invisible when you are inside your invisible plane, that it sort of negates the whole "you can't see me"thing. Just saying.....

Casie's look:

I was feeling the man of steel. Mostly because I did not have a gold tiara or cuffs (or lasso) to be Wonder Woman. The jacket is my cape. The necklace is my chestal embellishment, the blue is my suit. I even have on a souvenir Superman ring that Ali bought me about 1 million years ago in Metropolis, Illinois!

jeans- Gloria Vanderbilt, thrifted
necklace and shirt- Target
shoes- Old Navy

jacket- Michelle Stuart Petite, thrifted

Windy's look:

*these are the costumes mentioned below. Pretty darn rad, RIGHT?

I am so glad Windy is back from her surgery!

"I was inspired by Superman and Wonder Woman both. I made the t-shirt for matching seventies costumes for Adam and me from a few years ago, and the jeans are Buckle."

Chelsea 2's look:

Chelsea has apparently been working out her Super Girl look since the age of 3. Super Girl looks SUPAH!

Top - Susan Lawrence
Belt - Vintage (Gold and Leather)
Dress/Skirt - XXI
Shoes - Enzo Angiolini (Burgundy and gold) courtesy of CSpuck. :)

Kim's look:

"I always liked The Flash! I run like a girl, but if I were the flash, no one would notice!!"

Sweater by Carole Little
tank and skirt by Mary Caryl Giltner Serritella
jewelry by Stella and Dot
shoes by Nine West

Jilli's look:

"Primarily purple with touches of gold... must be a Wonder Twin! I went with flippy hair, a Stella & Dot gold enamel ring, and scarf with gold/purple accents. Sweater: H&M, pants: Gap, scarf: Banana Republic, shoes: Nine West. Also a valuable lesson in the importance in standing slightly angled to the camera vs. a straight-on shot. :) My husband Mark also supported this style challenge with his own purple-based ensemble, but alas, I had to leave early and so did not get a photo. Thanks for your support honey!"

Tress' look:

"Super Heroes are a big deal in my world right now. So, this challenge was easy and a bit too literal. I got the sweater from Target, shirt was stolen from the hubz, pants are Old Navy, shoes are skechers. I'm very comfy today!!! Thank you, envelope!"

Tuesday challenge: Mixed patterns- at least 2, but if you mix more, you get extra credit!

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