Thursday, October 27, 2011

Georgia O'Keeffe

Nobody paints a prettier "V". We gals are a garden. I think it is interesting that we mostly went for Georgia's darker or more muted paintings. Maybe it is the darkness of Fall...

Kaitanya's look:

I love a tiered dress or skirt. It is so flirty. Like the sweet version of va va voom.

Casie's look:

I loved the grey and mustard colors in this painting. I know the jacket is a little space age, but come on, it is a silver bolero jacket. A girl's gotta whip that out sometimes. I like to think it represents the sterling silver jewelry of O'Keeffe's beloved Southwest. :)

dress and jacket- thrifted
shoes- Ebay
tights- Target
necklace- handmade and a gift

Tress' look:

"I was inspired by O'keefe's black abstraction. I wore my hair in a bun to honor her later years."

Chelsea 2's look:

This looks like something Georgia O'Keeffe might wear to me. Or at least something someone who likes Georgia O'Keeffe might wear. The sleeves on this shirt are A-MAZE-ING.

Kim's look:

"Santa Fe is a gorgeous place, and I loved the trip I took there many years ago (remind me sometime to tell you all the story of the "man with no pants"). Because of the beauty of Santa Fe, I was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings during that time of her life. My Sweet Pea top replicates her shapes and colors of that time. Accompanied by silver Stella and Dot jewelry, and Marlowe blue cords."

Chelsea's look:

"Here's what I know about GOK...she's a very famous artist who likes to paint flowers that resemble other, um, things. She likes to be photographed with her hands in her face and she never looks very happy. So I incorporated most of this......I chose this particular painting because I love the color palette. I also wore my painter's coaty sweater (Old Navy). Grey pants are BCBG and violet drapey top by banana outlet. Slightly cynical, less than happy facial expression by me."

Friday challenge: Ok, it is almost Halloween, so we gotta get SPOOKY. Your challenge is...

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  1. This one would have been a fun challenge. I've never really thought about putting together an outfit inspired by my favorite paintings. I might have to put myself to the test!