Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love zee Fraaahnch.
I married one.
No one weel be able to reseest us when we are so veree chic.

Jillian's look:

Jilly is on a field trip for work and is harvesting cranberries. She has decided that it sort of looks like harvesting in Provence. I did find this pic of an apparently French person taking off some waders, so I assume she must have worn them at least once. :)

Chelsea's look:

She is working Paris realness!

"Better late than never! Googling parisian street fashion I found a lot of scarves and tights/mini heels. Most are dresses and skirts, but I loved the menswear pants look as well. So thus on this bitter cold I'm sporting that. Top: Loose sweater from Express, bottom: pants from Urban Outfitters and purse: Marie Turner. :)"

Kaitanya's look:

I am calling her Claudette Colbert for the day. What a vintage hottie!

Casie's look:

I think I kind of went French hooker today. Not that I feel like a hooker, I just dress like one. P.S. Don't look up French hooker on Google images. You may never scrape the horror from your eyeballs. Also, because it is French day, I have included a pic of my long lost twin, Audrey Tatou.

shirt (that's a dress) and beret- Target
earrings and bracelet- French outdoor market
skirt- thrifted
long necklace- handmade by a friend

Rachelle's look:

She is tres rose', no?

Top/skirt-H&M... flats-Love Culture..hair accessory-handmade gifted :)

Kim's look:

"Ooo la la! Today, I selected an Ann Booth custom-made blouse that reminds me of a Monet painting. Paired with Nine West slacks, BCBG shoes, Stella and Dot jewelry, and my fabulous beret!"

Tress' look:

"I was inspired by the french flag of red, white and blue. I even have french roast coffee this morning!"
Shirt-Old Navy
Pants-Old Navy
Scarf-Costume Closet at my school

Chelsea's look:

"I have had this pink geometric skirt forever and I always thought it seemed French, but I couldn't figure out the association between pink and French until today! I am ze pink panther! I am wearing ze pink geometric skirt by ze anzropolog...eeee and ze black gauzy top, like ze tissues ze French ladeez use to wipe ze tears when zer French lovehrs leave zem for anozer French lady and ze high heel Nine West shoooooz for running romantically in ze rain along ze Seine to ze Eiffel Towehr. Pink watch by ze Ted Bakehr. Pout by me."

Wednesday challenge: Fairytale

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  1. You ladies are tres funny! And I promise to never, ever Google "French hookers". :)