Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Pirates have MAD FASHION SKILLS. Don't even think they don't.

Kim's look:

*because she shows initiative with her use of a prop, I shall deem Kim- Proper Pirate

"Arrgghh!! Ahoy my mateys! A flowing top with a sash, leggings and boots - I'm ready to sail the high seas!"

Top by Mary Caryl. Leggings unknown. Boots are Banana Republic, jewelry Stella and Dot and sash is a cashmere scarf straight off the plane from Scotland!

Tress' look:

*Because she has been making the children our future all day, I shall deem Tress: Educational Pirate

"Can you tell that I just got back from a field trip with over 100 middle school students? This pirate is tired."

Casie's look:

*because I look a little like Rocky's wife, I hereby deem myself- Adrian Pirate

I love a good Princess Bride reference. Today I am the Dread Pirate Roberts. Notice my hat as a nod to the head scarf and my pirate booty ring (that is a starfish on that ring- Oceany). Jacket is pictured on and off to show you both my leathery ruffle-ness and my billowy sleeve-osity. If you want fashion excitement then..."As you wish."

pants- American Apparel, thrifted
shirt- INC, clothing swap
hat- Target
boots- the dreaded WalMart
belt- thrifted
booty ring- the mom-in-law (she has wicked awesome jewelry and sometimes I score!)

Windy's look:

*because of her excellent pirate posing skills, I shall deem her- Haunches Pirate

"Funny thing – I bought this top after starting Styling, and part of the reason I bought it (besides it being on a fabulous sale,) was the fact that I thought that it would come in handy with the Styling Game! Casie, you have become a part of my shopping culture!"

-Windy, I am ALWAYS with you. My spirit is in your shopping cart and hiding in your pockets. I hope that doesn't creep you out.

Pants – Loft

Top – Merona

Boots – Nine West

Earrings – Stella & Dot

Chelsea's look:

And because of her love of a good romance novel jacket, her writing prowess in that regard and the fact that she does pine for a pirate of her own, I shall deem her- Hot & Steamy Pirate.

"Ay....tis true Matey, didn't take diggin in the bilge or lookin deep in me steamer truck to pull out me uniform fer pirate day. Avast, tis me normal wears, I says ye. This fortnight, I opted fer me tall pirate boots, courtesy of Nine West, black as the heart of the best pirates I know says me, to kick down the doors o' the treasure rooms o' the ships me plunders. I wear me Banana Republic knee breeches, colored grey like the angry skies, to keep meeself dry when draggin me ship onto the shore fer a respite and a bottle o' rum. Me deep ocean blue ruffles are courtesy of that scoundrel Ted Baker, a fine pirate himself, with a long sleeve Banana Republic shirt underneath so I won't shiver me timbers, if ya understand the frigid depths we pirates brave. I finished it off with a display of years of collectin' pirate booty, me hearties. A bracelet and hoop earrings pilfered from Stella & Dot, two finest wenches mine one good eye did ever see, an anchor necklace and ring from me personal stash. Arrrrgh..."

Katie's look: FIRST TIME PLAYER!!!

*I hereby deem KVT- THE PUMPKIN PIRATE!!!! (because of the pumpkiny goodness of her pirate sweater...get it...ha ha ha..DANG I"M FUNNY!)

"Hey! Look at me! I finally did one! Sweater is banana republic outlet, skinny jeans are forever 21, boots are marshalls. I'm not wearing any accessories because I don't know how to do that. And truth be told, I also wore this sweater yesterday. Shhhhh."

Thursday challenge: Dukes of Hazzard

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