Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Favorite Movie

Favorite movies can be a very personal thing. I actually have two- the one here and Urban Cowboy. I can watch either OVER and OVER and OVER. Of course there are also the movies that you don't necessarily list in your favorites and yet you could still watch them OVER and OVER. So here is a short list like that from me:

You've Got Mail
An American President
The Thomas Crown Affair (remake)
Sleepless in Seattle

There are more, but I am too lazy on a Friday to push my brain.

Kim's look:

Favorite movie: Thelma & Louise

"Girl Power! Thelma and Louise is definitely one of my all-time faves."
Tank by Hanes
Scarf Ann Taylor
Jeans by Joe's
Silpada belt
Nine West boots!
Oh, and Marc Jacobs sunglasses complete the look!

Casie's look:

Favorite Movie: The Women

My favorite movie is The Women (the 1939 version, not the horrible remake from a few years ago- although there was a decent remake called The Opposite Sex in the 50's- it had a very young Joan Crawford in it). So today I am dressed period style. There is one scene in the movie where Rosalind Russel takes off her jacket to reveal this hilarious dress with an eyeball embellished bodice, so I crafted for your enjoyment.

all clothing- thrifted
shoes- Ebay
hair flair- Target

Tress' look:

Favorite Movie- The Color Purple

"The Color Purple is probably my favorite movie. I had a harder time deciding on a movie than a what to wear today."
Sweater/Shirt-Palais Royal
Jeans-Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Earrings are purple and they are from China...not "made in China" but actually, made in China.

Jillian's look:

Favorite Movie- Singin in the Rain

"A classic in my family! I bought this raincoat for a trip to England with Ali where we visited with Tress!"

jeans: Joe's
boots: Corso Como (so comfy)
raincoat: Old Navy circa 1991

Chelsea's look:

Favorite movie- TIE, Singin in the Rain, Some Like it Hot

"I always thought this dress looked a little like something Cathy Selden would wear...or a little like Marilyn's bathing costume from Some Like it Hot or anything either Daphne or Josephine would wear or any of the "Beautiful Girls" number outfits...especially with these shoes. Both my favorite movies smushed together! Dress is BCBG and shoes are Nine West. Cheesy Broadway Melody pose is alllllll mine."

Monday challenge: Jane Austen

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