Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dukes of Hazzard

The cars, the girls, the basset hound...It was almost so great that the name should be whispered... Dukes of Hazzard (that was my attempt at looking whispery). We will not mention a certain film that practically spat in the face of an American institution. However, I have provided a coloring page that you can print out for yourself or the kiddies.

Tress' look:

Here is Tress, serving you up a good ol' boy portion of Lulu Hogg AWESOMENESS!

Dress- Target *Tress didn't tell me that but I know cuz I have the same dress :)

Ali's look:

"Daisy Duke. All knocked up. Yee haw!!!

Wife beater, Target
Plaid Shirt, forever 21
Jeans, genetic denim
Boots, steve madden.

Casie's look:

I have to give the props to the general lee, I know it bears a controversial logo (aka the Dixie Flag) but you know, our dear General did not paint herself. So today I am sporting the Orange and Blue. I must also give props to my office collegue/photographer, Victoria, for catching my interpretation of the General Lee jumping a creek.

skirt- Issac Mizrahi for Target, thrifted
shirt ( is actually a dress)- Target
shoes, necklace and bracelet- Target
* I guess it is hurrah for Target day. Who knew Target likes the Dukes so much?

Chelsea's look:

"ah Just the good ol' boys...I feel ya Bo and Luke. But I feel Roscoe and Boss Hogg more!! I am the long arm of the law today (note my very long arm). Complete in law enforcement khaki (shirt and skirt by banana republic) and star badge accessory, with real cowboy boots from Cavender's in Fort Worth. I'll put those rascals out of business and in the Hazard County Jail where they belong!"

Kim's look:

"Ah, the Dukes of Hazzard! I loved that show! But alas, since I'm sure my co-workers would frown on wearing Daisy Dukes to the office, I decided to theme myself to Daisy instead. Daisies on my shirt, and a daisy ring as well!"

Shirt by Sweet Pe
my country rocker cord pants by Marlowe
daisy ring by Stella and Dot
necklace by Silpada.

Windy's look:

"My heart belongs to Bo!"

Top – Gap

Jeans – Abercrombie

Belt – thrifted

Boots - Ugg

Friday challenge: Be inspired by Your Favorite Movie
**(i love the ones where we get to learn about eachother!)**

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  1. You guys are so creative! I'm pretty impressed with knocked-up Daisy Duke. That plaid is perfect!