Friday, October 21, 2011

Evening for day

Evening for day is just a darn good idea. Most of us "normal gals" don't get out to fancy functions too often. So we end up with this nether region of our closet where the few shiny this and thats hang around, gathering dust. Using evening for day gets some use out of your special pieces and well, it is just darn fun to see those sequins sparkle in the sun.

Casie's look:

So I have this awesome Rachel Roy velvet dress that I don't get to wear that often. For starters, it is mini and for seconders, I don't go a lot of places that require cocktail dress wearing. I am stoked to work this dress into my "regular" wardrobe by using it as a layered tunic. BTW, I am wearing my belt backwards. The buckle is in the back and I think it adds interest to my retreat.

Tress' look:

Between yesterday and today, Tress is making me hanker for a sequin. I love me some sparkle and shine and sequins with jeans is HOT!


Kaitanya does not even have cable and she still went fashion forward with a fuschia and royal blue color pallet just like Kim's skirt look on Project Runway last night. Urban glamorista fabulosity!

Chelsea's look:

"For Evening to Day Wear, I went old Hollywood Glam. An up-do, a little too much jewelry, a satin shoe and velvet jacket should take care of that! I'm wearing BCBG jeans and a Banana jewel-tone green t-shirt, with a Forever 21 velveteen short sleeve jacket, black satin peep toe shoes with a broach on the toe by bandolino, bracelets and necklace by Stella and Dot, earrings by Justine M Couture, up-do by me!"

Jillian's look:

"My husband will attest that I tried many options for this challenge. So, what I ended up with was diamonds - I usually only wear these for nighttime occasions. Many thanks to Mark for the gifts of jewelry over the years!"

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