Friday, October 28, 2011

Classic Movie Monster

And so, as we approach All Hallows Eve, we look back at those that have frightened before us and give them the respect they deserve....

Which also makes me think of this skit from Saturday Night Live. ;)

Casie's look:

I mean come on...The dude wears a blazer, comfy T, sensible pants and a heavy duty boot that are good for mucking around when you are being chased by angry villagers. What could be bad? I am also wearing metal earrings for rivets and a green pendant and green eyeshadow for, you know, the greeness.

blazer- Bennetton, thrifted
jeans and t- thrifted
boots and earrings- Target
necklace- from Mexico, gift

Kaitanya's look:

She be terminatin!

Chelsea 2's look:

"Frankenstein is a well-dressed dude with his professional jacket and black T, jeans and boots. He's quite the butterface ;). I chose to copy his style by dressing in my blazer, skinny jeans, and heels just to add some spooky flavor. Just because your a monster, doesn't mean you can't dress to impress!"

Kim's look:

"Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! Today I went with an INC top in black and white that reminds me of the Bride of Frankenstein's hair! Boo!!"

Chelsea's look:

"Warn the villagers!!! I went total classic with Frankenstein here...boxy jacket, square head (oh wait, that's every day), green, grey and black palette...I am workin it. I even wore little bolts! Green turtleneck sweater by Forever 21, B...lack Ted Baker jeans, Grey Nine West Boots, Black pin-stripe Banana blazer. Grrrrrrr, RRRRRRRR! Fire!!!! Fire!! will notice my pose from today is nearly identical to the day I dressed as the robot from Toy Story. I don't have many poses to offer. Sorry!"

Monday challenge: I get to dress up for Halloween on Monday. If you are allowed to, you dress up too, if not, your challenge is Halloween Inspiration. I am expecting a great deal of orange and black ;)

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