Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mixed Patterns

So we remain (as always) fashionably fashionable here at The Game. Never the kind of gals to let a trend pass us by, today we bring you Mixed Patterns.

Let me just link you to the pattern mixer of all pattern mixers. Check out What I Wore 2 Day and let Kasmira blow your mind!

Here is just a sampling of her magic...

Ali's look:

*looks by Jason Wu, Versus and Prada...SWANKY!

Stripes and florals are a great mix.

Shirt: eBay
Sweater: shadow (Macy's)
Jeans: target maternity
Earrings & necklace: stelladot.com/ali

Jilli's look:

*Rebecca Taylor pinstripes and florals. I'll call it corporate boho.

"Wouldn't have normally paired these pants and blouse together but I think the patterns work. Does the necklace count as a 3rd?

Casie's look:

*Dries Van Noten is also a fan of color and mixology.

Well, I greatly enjoy a vivid pattern mix. I don't often go subtle if I can help it. I am particularly enjoying the pops of red throughout, but then again, I am "pop of red" kind of girl.

dress- Anthropologie, Ebay
shoes- Ebay
belt- ?
necklace and cardigan- Target

Windy's look:

*stripes and patterns always look sophisticated to me. Who could forget this fabulous Mondo look from Project Runway?

"This was hard for me! I really have more solids than patterns, so I had to work at it. I also wore a necklace and shoes that have mixed metals, so I thought that that would count as well…"





Jewelry-Stella & Dot

Kim's look:

*Dots and plaid- even Anna Sui agrees it is a chic combo.

"I have never mixed patterns before - I've always stayed away from it in case I did it wrong! But I think I made it work!"

Jacket - Anne Klein
top - INC
slacks - Theory
shoes - Nine West

jewelry - Silpada

Tress' look:

*when in doubt about mixing patterns, stick with the same color scheme and you will look runway ready.

"This was hard. I wasn't as bold as I know some people will be."

Shirt-Vera Wang for Kohls
Pants-??--TJ Maxx maybe?
Jewelry-Stella and Dot

Wednesday challenge: Pirate

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  1. Love the mixes! If your eyes aren't bleeding, you're not doing it right! :)