Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton has a style all her own. Know what else? She collects clown paintings. She even wrote a book about it. What?

But, back to her style. Menswear for women, gloves, hats...the lady is not afraid to march to the beat of her own drummer.

Casie's look:

I don't wear a lot of pants (which Diane Keaton loves), so I went for this skirted Annie Hall look. It is a good thing it is overcast today because I am wearing A LOT of clothing. skirt, dress, shirt, jacket, scarf, hat and knee high boots.

skirt- Cabi, a gift
dress, blazer and hat- thrifted
shirt- a gift
necklace and scarf- made by me!
boots- Payless

Kim's look:

"My wardrobe didn't want to cooperate with this challenge, but I made it work! I went with the all black, glam look of Ms. Keaton."
Tahari suit with a Theory tee. Shoes by Nine West, belt by Silpada, glasses by Marc Jacobs, and the gloves - no idea!

Jillian's look:

"Photos of Diane in recent years have been all straight flippy hair, collared shirts, and choker necklaces. Jacket: Ann Taylor, shirt: Target, pants: Gap, shoes: Liz Claiborne, necklace: Shanghai find."

Chelsea's look:

"Today I went for a mash-up of some key Diane Keaton iconography...Banana crisp white button down shirt, BCBG high waisted pant, Ted Baker vest, Banana belt and Nine West shoes, all topped off with a haphazardly thrown together yet perfectly in place up-do. She's a style icon for all things messy and perfectly put together all at the same time. Love that. If I'd only had a tie or neckerchief!!"

Kaitanya's look:

"Couldn't find my black turtle neck....but boy would ms keaton be pleased with the cover up neck wear."

Tress' look:

"I went Annie Hall but in black. The day we had to pick our favorite movie, I was torn between Annie Hall and the Color Purple, but something told me that this look would come up so I waited."

Shirt: LOFT
Vest/Tie: Yves Saint Laurent but borrowed from my friend's husband
Shoes: Naturalizer

Wednesday challenge: Bollywood


  1. . . . Is that clown book for real? Because, you know, SCARY. :)

    You all look adorable, per yooj (or however the heck you'd spell that - maybe it's just easier to spell it out?)


  2. yes, seriously, that clown book is creepy! i love all of your takes (and i love diane keaton). i am adoring kaitanya's huge bowed scarf! how fun!