Friday, October 14, 2011

Facts of Life

Ok, so Ali and I like to try to sing the theme song from Facts of Life while riding roller coasters. Try it, you will barf through your nose from laughing (I know that doesn't sound pleasant, but believe me, it is fun).

*ok, why is Blair so serious in this picture?

Tress' look:

"Spirit Day...I'm Jo. I found a pic last night of her in a jersey. I'll see if I can find it.'''

Casie's look:

In a sea of jo's, I have gone more generic today. I was inspired by the Eastland School uniform- button down shirt and tie with pleated skirt. I actually like this men's tie look and might try it again.

skirt- Isaac Mizrahi for Targe, thrifted
shirt- Van Heusen and stolen from hubz
tie- stolen from hubz
shoes- Two Lips, thrifted

Kim's look:

"I'm back! And I too was inspired by Jo. But the more dressed up version of Jo. My memories of her character are that she liked to pair blazers with jeans. I really thought about trying to 80's up my hair, but I ran out of time..."
Blazer by Mark
tank by Nikibiki
jeans by Lucky
And my fun, low key jewelry by Avon!

Ali's look:

"A mix of Sue Ann and Blair. This is one of my costumes in the show. But it's oh so apropos. Note the fluorescent green headband."

Chelsea's look:

"ok...say what you will about Jo, but didn't her "I'm such a hog-riding tomboy unless you put me in lipstick and a dress for the dance" spunk get her a little Clooney? I went with a mashup of Jo and maybe a touch Sue Ann with an eating disorder and all the girls LOVED their button downs. I'm in BCBG high-waisted jeans, these anthropologie brown tie shoes that I think my mother used to own and we used to mock but now I own (see closeup) and a banana republic westerny brown button down. I mastered buttons today!! I need an intervention...or perhaps a near-miss of an attack on the walk home from a Halloween party..."

Jilli and little Jilli's looks:

"Today I was inspired by Jo. I went with 'what would Jo wear to fix her motorcycle?" and ended up in t-shirt, jeans, and motorcycle-ish boots. I also tried out her signature hairstyle with the multiple ponytail holders; it was always my favorite. You can see that "Blair" joined me for the photo today in her preppy attire and beribboned hair."

shirt: Banana Republic
jeans: Joe's
boots: Steve Madden
Little Jilli/Blair's flair:
skort: Land's End
pocket t: Children's place
shoes: Crocs!

Monday challenge: Volcanic


  1. Hello there, just stumbled across your blog here. <3
    Oh my gosh, I've been known to do the same thing you've been talking about here. It's amazing how what we love and our favorite characters can inspire our fashions. :D Yesterday I did my own Facts fashion, which was a mix of Sun Ann and Natalie. I've also done things like Laurie from The Partridge Family, Carolyn from Dark Shadows, Sarah (Labyrinth), Lagoona Blue and Rochelle Goyle (Monster High) and Tina Fey's character in the movie Date Night to name a few others off hand.

  2. I love this little Blair Warner part of your blog. Blair Warner's the best. She wields her arrogance with such élan. She was definitely a role model for me as a kid. Her delivery of her one liners are sans pareil.