Monday, May 21, 2012

Nancy Drew

Casie's look:

 *If I ever see a puppet dancing with no apparent puppet master, I will be the person babbling incoherently in the corner in a fear induced coma.

I think of Nancy Drew as the perfect representation of 60's demure styling.  I was trying to be all matchy-matchy to a cover and I realized that gal wears a LOT of blue (at least on her book covers).  Is that a "thing" for Nancy Drew that I don't know about?  I guess I should read some of her books.  I do love me some youth fiction, and vintage-osity and who doesn't like a good mystery?

dress- vintage, Ebay
shoes- Target
necklace and bracelets- gift from the MIL

Jilli's look:

 *funny how opening a door just a peep makes anyone look mysterious....good thing to know.

What mystery lies behind the door? Nancy Drew investigates!  Today I am stealthy in a pencil skirt and low heels from Target, a sensible Brooks Bros cardigan, and H&M pink silk shell. I loved Nancy Drew when I was a kid and had fun looking at all of the familiar book covers on line as I prepared for today's outfit.

Tuesday challenge:  Beatrix Potter

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  1. i am so with you on this. love youth-fiction, a good mystery, and of course- vintage-osity.

    for hailey's friend's birthday gift, we got her a ND cookbook, a set of cool postcards, & book #1... can't wait to give hailey the same gift this year for her birthday so we can start reading the series together! (love books that fall into the category of "let's read this together so that I can read it too!"... finally reading the chronicles of narnia series w/ jacob- which falls into this same category, and i've never read myself)... wow, that was a long comment :).