Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Designer Inspiration- Junko Shimada

Jilli's look:

I love the designer inspiration challenges; they always get me to try new combinations. Today I went with a color pairing from opposite sides of the color wheel: purple/yellow instead of orange/blue and stripes instead of polka dots as the graphic. Added a long scarf with both colors and purple platforms. Although completely different I hope it reads like the originals.

Cardigan: H&M, dress: Old Navy, scarf: Banana Republic, shoes: Franco Sarto 
*Jilli's outfit is so awesome today that I might have wet my pants a little when I saw it.  Love the colors and the combo.  EVERYTHING!  I want that yellow striped dress!

Casie's look:

I did what I should NEVER do.  I did not try on my experimental outfit last night.  That meant that I was running around like a crazy person this morning trying to make the experiment work.  The dress I wanted to wear was not work appropriate, so I tried a shirt under it, two shirts over it, I tried folding down the top and wearing it as a skirt with two different belts.  I tried the bra over the top of the dress under the shirt to smooth it out.  I TRIED A LOT OF THINGS.  It did not work out, ladies (and gents).  So instead, I rock my Loretta dress.  It has a graphic, red and blue pattern and is a collared, shirt waist style dress, so there.  I wanted to rock a scarf at the neck too, but that experiment was going way wrong as well and I didn't have time to follow it through to a successful conclusion.  Sometimes getting dress is HARD.

dress- thrifted
shoes- target

Kim's look:

 *from the same Junko Shimada collection. Not only matches better, but very Mickey appropriate :)

Circular pattern!

Andi's look:  FIRST TIME PLAYER :)

 *this outfit is from the same collection and I thought it goes mo betta! (plus it has a "bra" mentioned below.  hee hee)
New player! Inspired by the color scheme! Andi Gibson, ladies and gentlemen! Jeans, MEK. Shoes, Marc Ecko. Bra, fredericks, tank, dunno. Jewelry, model's own. :)
*totally cracked up by the bra company shout out.

Ali's look:

Red statement necklace to emulate neck flowers! Layered colors! Color block shoes! Tanks, old navy & target. Jeans, Levi's. Shoes, 9 west. Campari necklace, serenity earrings, Bardot spiral bangle, all

Thursday challenge:  The NeverEnding Story


  1. I've never heard of this designer (yes, I'm a terrible blogger) but I love the inspiration and all your looks!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Casie. This was a good one today. I even tried for the model stance!