Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrity Crush

Sighhhhhhhh.....sometimes boys are cute.

Ali's look:

LENNY KRAVITZ. Just hot. Really just very hot. Boho rocker with a touch of gold eye shadow in honor of Cinna from the Hunger Games.

Casie's look:

JOE PERRY- He is hot. I have found him to be hot for ages. I don't know why. He seems to exist mostly in jackets and scarves, plus chunky jewelry- a LOT of black and white. And there you go.

Jacket- thrifted
scarf and top- gifts
jeans- Simply Vera Wang, Kohl's

Jilli's look:

ZAC EFRON... Mostly from his High School Musical days... something about crushes and high school, after all. I am in Wildcats colors of red, white and black.

Tuesday challenge: Studio 54

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