Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba

Ok. Sometimes the Super Martian Robot Girl Stories creep me out a little. But if Super Martian Robot Girl was here right now, I am pretty sure she would help me talk through my feelings, and in the end it would all be ok.

Also, if I were to have a "fairy god person" type person in my life (you know, someone to pop in and fix things from time to time), I think I would want it to be D.J. Lance....or maybe Tim Gunn. Either really. They are interchangeable as forces of benevolence in my life.

Rachelle's look:
PLEX.. The yellow robot? **(actually, he is a magic robot, but he IS yellow too)
Blouse was gifted.

Kim's look:

The little green one... Brobee! INC sweater and Lucky jeans (we're being recarpeted, so I have to pack my office today! I added a dangly necklace that represents Muno!

Jilli's look:

Foofa, she's pink and happy! Here's to a good day and a good month of March. Old Navy, pants: Gap, jewelry and flower brooch: Stella & Dot, pose: totally Foofa!

Casie's look:

This is a conversation in my house this morning. Daughter, "Who are you today, Mommy?" Me, "Today is Yo Gabba Gabba. I am TooDee." Husband from the next room, "I am not tooting." Me, "No, I said I am TooDee." And there you go.....Blue for TooDee, necklace is for the ice in TooDee Land.

cardigan- Target
jeans- thrifted
necklace- Newport News

Lisa's look:

DJ Lance, DJ Lance, DJ Lance ROCK! He might be the man with like THE BEST hair flair ever.

Friday challenge: Romania

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  1. I enjoy the poses. :) I vote Tim Gunn for fairy godfather. DJ Lance is pretty nice and encouraging and all, but Uncle Gunn would tell you how proud he was with a tear in his eye and a big hug - and really, there's no beating that.

    The Suburb Experiment