Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Inspiration- Norman Rockwell

*did you see all the cool tricks of the eye?
Casie's look:

I was inspired by the girl's striped dress with a ruffled collar. I added red accents cuz I like red and for the red curtains. I thrifted this dress a while back but it is some kind of uniform. Either a maid or a waitress or something. I just like the seer sucker striping on it- and the pockets cuz pockets rule. The belt is a scarf my brother in law bought me on a trip to Turkey.

Jilli's look:

I was inspired by the browns and pinks in the inspiration photo, and the stripes in the little girls' skirts. I did receive an unexpected urgent work phone call at 7am this morning, so my whole day has felt like an April Fools' Day so far. Shirt and pants: Gap, cardigan: Brooks Bros.

Kim's look:

I loved the look of the little girl in the artwork! This is my inspired look. Sweater - Banana, Dress - Angl, Jewelry - Silpada!

Lisa's look:

I decided to go for the "unexpected" inspiration for this painting. I took my picture while my hair was still in curlers and added jewelry that I thought might have been somewhere on the shelves of that shop. A frog that my Mema gave me years ago, an acorn necklace and an orange stone bracelet. I think I look a little like the old lady face in the painting in this picture (which I did not plan). Have a great week - This challenge was hard!

Tuesday challenge: Madonna (come had to happen sooner or later)

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