Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Style Challenge- ANIMAL/BOLD

Well, me and the best friend have decided to start a style challenge blog. We will create style challenges for one another and post the results here. The best part. All you folks out there in blog land can suggest your own challenge ideas and we will do that too. Please post challenges in the comments. So exciting. I love a challenge. I love style. I love a game. We got to git AWESOME!

The first challenge (and inspiration for this blog) was presented to me by Ali (aka- the best friend). She suggested I work an ANIMAL/BOLD look. There were no particular parameters (to allow for maximum creativity). I call this look- Mickey Mouse with a statement necklace. No one said my animal couldn't be animated and this is my favorite bold necklace. Sorry, the hubz didn't get the shoes in the picture. They are black, pointy alligator pumps. What do you think?

cardigan- thrifted
tank top- Target
skirt- thrifted
necklace- Newport News


  1. Glorious! I give it an A! I just wish the necklace were Stella & Dot. We'll fix that. :)

  2. Figuring out how to leave comments as me...ah, this getting started business.

  3. There we go! Now, as I said...GLORIOUS! I give it an A! Next time we will work in a Stella & Dot necklace. I certainly always will. :)

    ...Stay tuned for tomorrow, kids...