Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Cream Cone

Apparently, someone beat us to this idea. Interesting to use warm and cozy yarn in the representation of a cool and delicious ice cream cone. A juxtaposition of ideas. Deeeeeeep...

Ali's look:
As per Ali: OK...I started with a sort of vanilla theme in mind, then saw my favorite sunny yellow cardi in my closet and thought, "Now that would be a cheery topper on this yellow outfit" so then a sort of Sherbet thing came to be...sunny yellow, teal/blue/green necklace...I kept my original creamy white thing going and just added on. I must say, I do enjoy a jewel and of course anything my BFF wants to do (aka style challenging) is most likely going to be a good time. Unless it involves eating cantaloupe or green beans. Then I am skeptical.

p.s. she is not angry, just concentrating

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Discount store from long ago...probably TJ Maxx
Jeans: LEE RIDER from over to the WAL-MART. Don't hold it against me. I am not pro-wal-mart. I'm actually pretty Anti-Wal-Mart. But occasionally mis-steps happen. The jeans are actually cute and fit me well. Apparently my butt is the butt of the masses.
Shoes: Nine West (I don't think you can see them. They are actually the most fashion-forward part of this outfit. They are a lovely cake-cone-colored neutral shoe with a cool cone-shaped heel. Get it?
Jewelry: Renegade Mini Drop Earrings, Snake Orb Pendant Necklace, Contessa Jade Necklace (SHERBET-Y!), and Devi Bangles in gold. All

Casie's look:

I went for a vanilla cone with turquoise sprinkles and a cherry on top. The cherry is the red pendant on my necklace. I am sporting a Southwestern look today, complete with turquoise jewelry. Photography services were provided by my 5 year old today. I think she did pretty well, thank-you.

dress- thrifted
jacket- thrifted
belt- Gap
necklace- handmade and a gift
earrings- present from the MIL
boots- Target (making their second appearance on "The Game")

Tomorrow's challenge: Mrs. Roper (we are talking Three's Company here)

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