Monday, July 25, 2011

Weather Girl

So today's challenge is weather girl. I love it that Ali and I have gone in completely different directions.

First, Ali's look: The Original Weather Girl (aka Call me Dorothy)

See here that Ali is sporting a lovely blue dress and ruby slippers. I guess her gold jewelry is a nod to the Yellow Brick Road!

Dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Jessica Simpson...that girl can make a shoe!

Leather short sleeved jacket: Krma
Jewelry: Leona pendant, Bardot spiral bangle and renegade bracelet, renegade statement ring, and Bardot spiral earrings - all
Bag: a Toto-esque chocolate snakes
kin bag... Preview of the Stella & Dot fall handbag collection coming out next month!

Casie's look: Cloudy with a chance of Purple Rain

So I am sporting a grey (cloudy) and purple (duh) dress that I reworked a while back. It was a mu mu and I shortened the sleeves and hem and added the belt made from one of my hubby's old shirts.

dress- thrifted and reworked
shoes- ebay

belt- upcycled shirt and fabric scraps
bracelet- one of those magnetic necklaces

Tomorrow's challenge: reinterpret this Anna Sui look:

BTW: Just so all yall in blogland know. You can't go out and buy new stuff just to get your look. You gotta make it work from what you already have. That is the point of this crazy game. Get creative!


  1. Cute!
    I thought of a fun one while thrifting on Friday : ice cream cone!

    p.s. can you open up the comments to name/url?
    Pretty please?! :)

  2. Stephanie. I think I fixed the problem and thanks so much for your idea. We will definitely use it!

  3. Stephanie. Please let me know if I did not fix the problem. I am a little tech deficient. :)