Monday, February 27, 2012

Runway Inspiration- VALENTINO

pick a look......

Casie's look:

I was inspired by the pink outfit. I did it in grey. So the shirt is diaphanous, lace accented and cape shaped. Paired it with flitty skirt all in one hue. BAM! Valentino!

top- Target
shoes- Bay of E
skirt- hand me down

Lisa's look:

This shirt has a see through layer over a more modest layer which reminded me of the layers and see through-ness of the pictures.

Kim's look:

This definitely was a hard one, but when I saw the photo of the long dress with the black and white pattern, it reminded me of this fun dress from Francesca's. I've paired it with a pair of very long Stella and Dot sparkly earrings - runway fun!

Jillian's look:

Lace and a flowy skirt is as close as I get to Valentino.

Tuesday challenge: Fisherman

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  1. Casie, your look was perfect today!!!