Monday, February 13, 2012

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather- Lena Horn

I am not a rainy day person. This goes along with my admission about face washing in the previous post. Being wet is just not my thing. If I can stay home and be snuggly, I will take a good thunderstorm any day. Otherwise, I remember to be thankful to the rain and try not to snarl.

Casie's look:

I have only worn this dress one other time. For some reason it seems like one of those dresses where you really have to commit to the look. I don't think you can half shlub around in this dress. You gotta be ready to do your hair and make-up. Last time I wore it, I paired it with some pleather pants, but I think I like this look better. Don't you think the grey sort of watercolor of the print is very stormy looking?

dress- Simply Vera Wang, Kohl's
boots- Guess, DSW
earrings- Target

Lisa's look:

I am the maid in my favorite painting, "The Singing Butler"

Kim's look:
Stormy skies - dark grey clouds that almost look purple and big raindrops like crystals! Today I'm in a purple sweater from Scotland, paired with a grey Nikibiki tee and grey slacks. I've added a crystal Silpada necklace to round out the outfit.

Jilli's look:

Stormy day today? Not so much by this afternoon. This gray cardigan from H&M is one of my favorites. I added blue 'raindrop' jewelry from Stella & Dot and an umbrella representing my partner, Coca-Cola!

Rachelle's look:

Dark blue-grey rain clouds..the scarf represents the heavy rain that's about to fall :)

Tuesday challenge:
Designer Inspiration- Erin Featherston
Let me see how you interpret this look:

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