Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Olympics

Oh Olympics. You bring the world together to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as one.

Casie's look:

My favorite Olympic events are figure skating and ice dancing (really I like ice dancing best). I have one very specific Olympic memory that I am inspired by today. I remember watching the 1992 Olympics in my grandfather's bedroom and seeing this Russian pair. It stood out for me because the girl was wearing a body suit- so pants instead of a skirt (escandelo!) and there was this spin where the girl was upside down and the guy was holding her leg up in the air. I also think I remember the commentators talking at some point about how hard it was for their trainer to get the materials for their costumes cuz it was RUSSIA after all. They won the gold medal that year. Today my dress is purple and gray for Natalia Mishkutenok
and Artur Dmitriev's costumes.

**Here is the link to that performance (THE SPIN comes at about 4 minutes).

Lisa dawn's look:

**Johnny Weir is the most sparkly skater I know.

Olympic ice skater:). Sparkles! The necklace is for the linked Olympics rings.

Kaitlin's look:

Kaitlin is the green ring from the Olympics logo.

Rachelle's look:

Winter Olympics... Rachelle "Yamaguchi" lol dress and scarf from H&M.

And Every figure skater needs a good pair of skates :) these were gifted (shoes).

Jilli and Kim's looks:

Kim and I have won gold medals in the office olympics: shotput and javelin.
Wednesday challenge: Your favorite fruit

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