Friday, January 13, 2012

Fast Food Worker

I am not a big fan of fast food. Wellll......I wasn't until I had kids. This is a reason that should make me all the more leery of fast food. The thing is, fast food places have drive thrus. These allow me to purchase food without getting my children out of the car. SO FAST FOOD IT IS. Well, that and the fact that sometimes they kind of beg for it or I can use it in the capacity for a bribe (which is also awful parenting, BUT DON'T JUDGE- else I will cast a kettle calling you black towards your glass house and you will be eating the pie of humbledom).

Casie's look:

I love me some Coming to America. That movie had me at "sexual chocolate". Could watch it a million times. I love the absurd fake McDonald's- McDougles, where Eddie Murphy gets a job. I am sporting McDougles colors today. Red plaid, white and royal blue.

shirt- Ralph Lauren, thrifted
tank- Target
jeans- Simply Vera Wang, Kohls
shoes- EBAY

Kim's look:

My favorite "quick service restaurant" is In and Out Burger! Their colors are red, white and black. I used my red scarf as the apron!
Jilli's look:

We frequently partake of the fast food, and my kids love to play at McDonald's. Today I am red white and gold in honor of Ronald!
Lisa's look:

Today my inspiration is Parker Posey in Waiting for Guffman! I'm just doin' the cones:). Also I loved our DQ in Rotan! Great people, great food, bean day, blizzards!!! So today I am in classic Navy and red uniform. And since D Q is so Texas, my boots:).
Monday challenge: The Peanuts (as in Charlie Brown)

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