Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mr. Men

Those Mr. Men sure are cute. Although I think I might wet my pants on accident if I hung out with Mr. Tickle for too long. Maybe that was TMI...

Casie's look:

I am Mr. Messy and therefore wearing his particularly lovely inky pink today. I chose him mostly because I am a messy person. I am the kind of girl who tends to take stuff off and drop it on the floor. This annoys my husband. I tell him he should see my socks on the floor as a reminder of my love for him. And don't even ask me about my van.......

dress- Target, thrifted
boots- Guess, DSW
fabulous new earrings- Stella & Dot

Jillian's look:

"Mr. Tickle - I love to tickle my kiddos!"

Kim's look:

"Today I am Little Miss Dotty! I'm probably getting dotty in my old age anyway, and I don't mean in a spotted fashion! Brown dress by Mary Caryl, the fabulous scarf was a gift from our own Jillian, brown tights from Loft and brown Coach shoes!"
*in addition, Ms. Kim cites the fact that she and Miss Dotty share blonde hair and a penchant for accessories- Kim chose her scarf in place of Miss Dotty's jaunty chapeau.

Jonathan's look:

"This is a good one for Jonathan. I think it's funny that he did Mr. Bump today since Little Miss Whoops tends to cause a lot of his injuries;)
Mr. Bump is wearing a blue, $5 fleece from JCP. I love a $5 shirt, and when Jonathan was little he was always asking for "some 5 bucks please"."

Kaitlin's look:

"Yesterday Kaitlin got a whole bag of hand me down clothes and she couldn't wait to wear some of it, so her shirt today is a hand me down. Headband and jeans, aeropostale. Jeans, thrifted. Mr. Scatterbrained never looked so good!"

Lisa's look:

"I really wanted to be sweet Little Miss Whoops. She is blind as a bat (fitting for me) and always running into things because she loses her glasses! I had a hard time finding a picture of this one, but here she is ;)
I am a terrible self portrait taker. Also, this shirt is much more turquoise than in the picture. I will see if Charles can catch a better picture when he comes home for lunch. In the meantime, this is my Little Miss Whoops face, real glasses and all (a rare glimpse). The feather earrings are Kaitlin's - Target"

Tuesday challenge: Geometric

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