Monday, January 2, 2012


Mandy's Look:

Denim and lace! Sweet and sassy- the epitome of a Texas girl. :) Lace shirt- gifted. Pants- Lane Bryant. Denim Crop jacket- Sheplers. Star earrings (for the Lone Star State of course) - had them so long, I forget where they come from! :-)

Lisa and Family's Look:

Today I made my hair as big as possible, wore 3 shades of eyeshadow by Mary Kay (very Texas), put on my cowboy boots and wore some Texas pride colors!

Kaitlin is white cotton growing in the Texas sun!

Jack is a Texas flag who doesn't care to have his picture taken;)

Jonathan is a Texas Ranger:)

Casie will be back tomorrow! So give her a big Texas Howdy!!!

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  1. Holy cow. Mental note to self - do not mess with Texas, Lisa, or her family.

    Happy New Years to all of you!

    The Suburb Experiment