Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Inspiration- Roy Lichtenstein

Bauhaus Stairway

Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997)

I love art inspiration days!

Casie's look:

Blue black white and yellow. That's me. I love me a nice, lemony yellow. With the exception of the shoes, all is thrifted. (the flowers are black and blue but it is hard to tell from the pic).

Jilli's look:

I went with the color scheme from the painting. I wore my new Stella & Dot necklace and earrings - love the blue color with the gold chain!

Kim's look:

Well, today I kind of misunderstood the challenge. For some reason I thought it was to be inspired by our own favorite paintings... For me, that is Grant Wood's American Gothic. So I emulated the farmer in the painting with my black and white ensemble, and my jewelry represented the buttons on his shirt. Well, when I got to work, Jillian clued me into the actual challenge. The good news is that I still work. My outfit represents two of the shirts depicted in the painting! Tomorrow, I will be more successful! Layered tee shirts from Theory and Nikibiki with Silpada jewelry!

Rachelle's look:

I just love the pops of color from the outfit just represents the pops of color.. And....Lol I actually don't own yellow!

Lisa's look:

I thought today's challenge was a tough one. I chose a sweater that looks pixelated and tried to draw from the colors. I cheated by adding stairs to my picture;)
*excellent use of background stylings to illustrate theme

Tuesday theme: The Olympics

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