Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Casie's look:

My daughter is still sick, so you get no make-up and mom jeans, but I did throw on the rest of my Kiss Army fatigues for this pic. I was so ticked at my husband. I asked him for a good Kiss pose since he is my go-to metal historian. He made me do it like 500 times until I got just the right Paul Stanley lip position. BOYS! hrmph.

Jilli's look:

I thought this was my most 'rocker' work-appropriate outfit. Inspired by Kiss in my choice of boots, funky tights, leather belt and silver jewelry.

Glidewell Family looks:

Lisa: Black and white for the iconic make up and red necklace for that famous tongue we all love!
Jonathan's look: Boys who are born with the rock n roll gene (like Jonathan) and truly LOVE every part of music have a hard time finding good moral role models. My son is blessed to have had many great male musician role models in his life including his Dad, Charles Glidewell, his very cool Uncle, William Tabanou and my Bff's husband (and drummer) Tricia N Jeff Hurt

Kaitlin: Kiss Groupie - I love that the rock n roll hands for my kids is actually "I love you" in sign language;)

Thursday challenge:
The Wizard of Oz

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