Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is creepy. Don't try to pretend it isn't. But I do like ruby shoes and lollipop kids. Ok, lollipop kids are creepy, but they have candy and sound like they suck on helium. Cool.

Casie's look:

Flying monkeys are horrifying...and FASCINATING! I have a tiny jacket, my crystal ball necklace and wings on my head. I am also the monkey colors of red and grey.

hair flair- made by me
necklace- won from the most fabulous Suburb Experiment blog. Check it out for sure!
Jenn is super sweet and stylish.
all else thrifted or handed down

Jilli's look:

Wicked witch of the west - black with accents of green.

Kaitlin's look:

Yellow brick road fabulosity.

Kaitlin's bonus look:

Kaitlin as the cowardly lion in a play this summer (hmmm...this must be after she got the courage).

Lisa's look:

My personal favorite, the scarecrow. Shirt, Merona. Sweater, Cement. My shirt is the golden straw and of course green for the scarecrow's shirt:)

Jonathan's look:

Apple tree throwing apples at Dorothy.

Friday challenge: School House Rock

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