Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gone With the Wind

My mother only saw Gone With the Wind once. She refuses to ever see it again because she doesn't want to mess with how beautiful it is in her mind. This is from a woman who has seen every Lethal Weapon film no less than a billion times. So it must be special. Just saying...

** A bit of trivia:

During the burning of Atlanta scene, the giant building that collapses in flames is actually a large set piece that was used in the original King Kong. Cool, huh?

Casie's look:

*forgive my tired, raggedy look and my all backwards and turned around jewelry. I unexpectedly had to get a crown today and I am rumpled.

I decided to be Scarlett in her "widow's weeds". She did not enjoy wearing all black and not getting to dance. I wore green accessories for the Paris hat that Rhett gives her to take her out of her mourning fashions.

dress- thrifted
tights- Target
shoes and bracelets- Ebay
necklace- gift from Ali

Lisa's look:

"Today we are home because of snow (6 inches today and still coming), so we are doing a "blizzard bag day" which means doing a whole day's school work at home (BUSY DAY)! So my Gone With the Wind inspirations is that Frankly, my dear, I don't give a DARN! Sweats it is;)"

Jilli's look:
"Gone with the Wind... somehow this shirt makes me feel girly and like I should be having tea. And it does look a bit like a curtain. Add in the flower ring and I am a southern belle...? Plus I am spending this week working on a meeting with Coca-Cola so there is an Atlanta connection."

Shirt: Macy's, pants: Gap, jewelry: Stella & Dot

Kim's look:

"Today I was inspired by the Confederate soldiers of the Civil War time. I do not believe they were fighting for what was right, but they did fight valiantly and with honor."

Grey Tahari suit paired with a dark grey Nikibiki tee. Nine west boots and silver jewelry from Silpada and Stella and Dot.

Friday challenge: Fast Food Worker

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