Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cher the Wonder Goat!

Cher! Who couldn't love my sweet metal goat? She is one of my most treasured gifts and only occasionally causes an injury (due to some sharp spots).

Casie's look:

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. And thanks to my sweet sister for the goaty surprises (and for taking over the blog during my convalescence). I do love my Cher a lot. Do I look as sick and tired as I feel in this picture? I think I do. But hey, don't I get points for trying?

dress- handmade by me leggings- Sears

Lisa's look:

This is just goat necklace goodness. And I bet she made it herself!

Jaxie's look:

"Jaxie D decided to participate today in the challenge, as well. She is dressed head to toe from Justice, well except the boots from Sears."

Kim's look:

"Sadly, my winter clothes are not as colorful as my summer clothes! Today I went with a sweater from Lucky Brand with blue, gold and pink to represent Cher and the birthday girl! Paired with silver jewelry that was a gift from my hubby."

Tricia's look:

"I knew as soon as I saw this challenge what I was going to wear! This is my very favorite sweater that my sister let me borrow last year and I have not given it back yet. ;) Our grandmother knitted it for her I believe in the late 80's or early 90's. My grandmother is now in the process of teaching me to knit! People have mixed reactions towards my sweater, but I love it!"

Friday challenge: Hillbilly

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