Friday, January 6, 2012


I don't really like this game. It takes forever and it requires some kind of math skills and so it just seems like homework to me. Give me a trivia game or something involving pantomime and I will kick your butt. Monopoly makes me say, "Meh". BUT, it has delightful colors and so it is an excellent fashion inspiration.

Casie's look:

Today I am inspired by the Monopoly game board. I never noticed until I started really looking at it that it greatly resembles some of the work of Mondrian. I am SOOOO arty. Can you smell the sophistication?

jacket- thrifted
scarf- Ebay
dress and tights- Target
shoes- ancient find at Nordstrom Rack

Jilli's look:

" 'Bowtie' and jacket in honor of the monopoly man. Red sweater inspired by my favorite properties: Kentucky Indiana and Illinois!! I don't know why I like those spots but they were always some of my favorites. And I thought the necklace looked a little like a monopoly piece."

Lisa and Kaitlin's looks:

"I have to give Kaitlin credit for our outfits today - it was her idea to be the little plastic houses and motels from Monopoly. She loves to play, but the game goes on so long we seldom give in to starting a game. I have gotten very good at losing all my money (to shorten the game)!!!"

Kim's look:

"Baltic and Mediterranean are not my favorite properties, but they are always the most lucrative! The purple top is from Mary Caryl, and I've paired it with my gold coin necklace and earrings from Stella and Dot to represent the banker!"
Monday challenge: In honor of my niece Kaitlin who came up with this one...
The Mr. Men
**if you do not know these children's book characters, here is a handy chart for you. A little hard to read, so here's a link:,r:6,s:0

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