Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flags of the World

Well, I am finally back from vacation. I am not the best traveller. I really prefer to be home and nothing proves that to me more than two weeks away from my own little nest.

I am happy to be back and I am sending a SUPER BIG MWAH! to my sister for taking over while I was gone. She did a great job.

*****And thanks to all you guys for playing through the busy holiday season.


we shall rock it for fashion in 2012

Casie's look:

Well this is kind of my version of double playing for yesterday (that I missed) and today. But it does make sense. I am modeling my homage to both the Texas and French flags. I am Texan, my hubz is French. Two cultures that are so different and yet we meld so well. A metaphor for my marriage and international diplomacy.

dress and boots- thrifted

Jilli's look:

Flag of Brazil: green, yellow, and blue. In honor of my friends Ma and Va!

Kim's look:

In honor of what I hope will be Terry and my next vacation spot, today I am Argentina! Viva la moda!

Blue top by Mary Caryl, "winter" white Tahari slacks, and a golden sun pendant from a local jewelry designer

Wednesday challenge: The Flintstones

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