Monday, January 23, 2012

Murder She Wrote

Didn't watch this show, but I love the idea of all those cheesy, sort of "Touched By An Angel" genre of good, clean fun shows that old people like. Why not solve a fashion mystery?

Casie's look:

I think of Jessica from Murder She Wrote as very "khaki's and sweaters". So today I am wearing my thrifted Talbots cardigan in a lovely shade of plaid, sensible flats, and a headband. Do I look like the Brooks Brothers Sleuth?

Jilli's look:

"I have never seen an episode of Murder She Wrote, although I am a fan of Angela Landsbury from her Bedknob and Broomsticks days. In all the photos I found of this show, Angela is always wearing a sweater and collared shirt, usually with pearls. So that was my inspiration today. Plus it is cold and rainy so a cozy sweater was not a hard sell for me."

Lisa's look:

"My first association with Murder She Wrote is the typewriter. I love old typewriters and the look of their letters - I would love to have a lovely vintage typewriter set up on a desk in my home and use it just for the most personal of letters sent to friends who do not care about spellcheck! So my Stella and Dot necklace (a gift when Jack was born) is inspired by her typewriter. My outfit is inspired by her affection for a layered outfit:)"

Tuesday challenge: Moulin Rouge

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  1. It was Casie, in the office, with the scissors. Oh, we're not solving any crimes today? OK. :)

    I would have not thought to look to Angela Lansbury for inspiration but I have to say I'm digging her layered looks.

    The Suburb Experiment