Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Book

Casie's Look:

My favorite series of books is the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and my favorite character in those books is Granny Weatherwax. I didn't have any clothing nearly practical enough to pass muster with granny and I am sorely lacking of a pointy hat, but I thought she MIGHT not mind basic black. I have on these two necklaces because she is hard edged but with a heart of gold and the owl is because she can leave her body and take over the minds of birds.

ONE of my favorite books - I can't help going with the crowd on this - Harry Potter is just amazing. I miss them and have to go back and visit them occasionally! This is my attempt at Minerva McGonagall's black on black, stern yet heart of gold look:) Sweater (that looks a little teacher Hogwarts to me) was a gift from the sistah. I am also wearing black jewelry, but my blurry picture doesn't show it very well. It is snowing here - perfect day for a book by the fire if I didn't have three kids at home;) Happy New Year to you all!

Monday's Challenge: TEXAS

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