Friday, December 2, 2011

Sixteen Candles

So I think we have reached the pinnacle of our Molly Ringwald movie trilogy. Oh how I love this film. Actually, it was introduced to me by my father who nearly pees his pants every time he sees that scene where the little guy is getting clobbered by the big wrestler in the background.

Oh John Hughes, you genius. You left us too soon.

And also, although one of these pics is blurry, the scene where Jake appears after the wedding at the church is one of those serious "take your breath away" moments in filmdom. Jake is always going to be hot. His hotness transcends time and space.

Casie's look:

I am Joan Cusack's character. You know, the one in the back brace that can't get a drink of water at the dance. That is one AWESOME movie moment. Red cardigan for her sweatshirt and the ruffled jabot counts as the skirt the girl on the shirt is wearing that she uses to wipe her mouth.

cardigan- Gap Kids
Top- Target
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- Old Navy

Jillian's look:

I totally think Jilli looks like Sam's best friend at the dance in her cute sweater and a million little pins or buttons or something all over. The pearls on Jilli's necklace are the pins. And come on, what is more 80's fabulous than throwing a little shoulder?

Kim's look:

"Once again, foiled by my closet. I have an off the shoulder black sweater - but it's in the dry cleaning pile! But I still went with Sam's layered look of a white tee under a black tee. White tee: Michael Stars. Black tee: INC. Fabulous rocker jewelry: Stella and Dot."

Deb's look:
"Don't mind the mess, posing as Jake Ryan and his plaid shirt today."
Top: Levi's $5 at a discount store
Blue Jeans: NY

Jonathan's look:

"TodayJonathan is the black trans am and pink guy that she wanted for her bday:)"

Kaitlin's look:

"Neither of my kids are quite old enough for this movie, so Kaitlin took her inspiration where she could find it - 80s colors, pink for the cake (in the picture she found by googling), black for the car I told Jon about, because he wanted to play. Her shirt is thrifted, her awesome pants are Arizona I believe, her kicks are Adidas."

Lisa's look:
"I can't believe I gave my panties to a Geek! Today I am the notorious Sixteen Candles Panties! Cardigan from Sister. All else thrifted."

Monday challenge: The Sound of Music

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