Thursday, December 15, 2011


I feel that cocktails have had a revival since I entered the age of legal imbibing. Or maybe I just moved beyond beer. Either way, cocktails always seem elegant and very grown up to me. And very retro. Just look at Mad Men...the only thing they do more of on that show than smoke is drink. I don't think I would get any work done at all if I spent my days in a martini fog. But it might be fun to try?

Casie's look:

My favorite cocktail is a vodka gimlet. I feel fancy ordering it. I imagine Zelda Fitzgerald would like this drink. She would probably have the gin version. We could have an excellent lady date together. I pieced together this outfit in survival mode. I had not laid out my clothes last night and I woke up late today, so I was just grabbing for lime green. My curly hair is a clue I went very fast today. My necklace is a stand-in for the ice. Cheers!

cardigan- handed down t-shirt- Michael Stars, thrifted jeans- Simply Vera Wang- Kohls necklace- Newport News Fashions

Rachelle and Jessica:

The picture of loveliness as cranberry vodka and a mai tai.

Jilli's look:

"I considered a margarita and a kir royale, and since it's cold outside the kir got the nod. Red Banana sweater to represent the liquor, pearls to be the champagne bubbles, and grey pants/shirt to be the champagne glass!"
Deb's look:

"I am a Malibu Sunrise (or Tequila Sunrise-yum!) with a "slice" of orange. :) attire is $free."
Friday challenge: The Twilight Saga


  1. I am drunk on your looks. Get it? I am so hilarious. But in all seriousness, you guys did a great job becoming cocktails!

  2. I like the "ice" and "bubbles" necklaces. You guys are so creative!