Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is so iconic. I never saw it in the theatre. My mome rented it for me (on VHS, of course). I was in love. I used to have at least the first half of the film memorized and I would say the movie when I watched it. I also learned the girl half of the dance and I would dance it by myself. Oh no. Now you know I always was a dork. You can't fight who you truly are.

Casie's look:

Ok, Lisa from Dirty Dancing has two of my most favorite movie lines ever in the history of ever. In fact, I quote these two lines quite often in my life.

ONE- "I Feel Pretty, orrrr What do the Simple Folk Do....orrrr I Feel Pretty..."
TWO- "Where is my beige, iridescent lipstick?"

I am dressed in Lisa's flowery, lady-like 60's style- with the exception of the black tights and riding boots. I don't think Lisa would condescend to such earthiness even in a blizzard, but I am not Lisa and I was cold. Sorry, Lisa.

Kaitlin's look:

Oh my little Hula Hanna niece.

Give me a pineapple that doesn't sting, a bird that swims, a fish that sings
I wanna.....I really wanna
And you can waca all ya wanna while I hula all the day away!

Lisa's look:

"How do you call your lover boy?"

Kim's look:

"Today I went with a dress I don't get to wear too often, as it reminds me of something I would wear to go dancing! It's a Roberto Cavalli that I got on big, big, big sale at Nordstrom last year. My husband made me swing around to demonstrate my fabulous dancing skills (not!)."

Jilli's look:

"Johnny loved an all-black fitted ensemble, I just had to add a H&M turtleneck under my tank-style dress since it is cold here! A black leather Banana Republic jacket, Corso Como boots and Stella & Dot jewelry complete my Johnny homage. No one puts Baby in the corner..."
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