Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SNL Character

You can't argue with a good SNL skit. They got history and they are keeping it real. Sometimes. Sometimes they are boring....but mostly, they are keeping it real. FUNNY!

Casie's look:

We like cowbell at my house. One time I thought my kids might have the fever that only cowbell can cure, but it turned out to be an ear infection. Will Ferrel had a lot of lovely chest hair to perk up his chestal region. I went for a turquoise necklace instead (unfortunately you can't see it. Trust me, it's lovely). I NEED MORE COWBELL!

shirt and jeans- thrifted
boots- target
necklace- mother-in-law

Chelsea's look:

What is all this I'm hearing about violins on television...


"I went Gilda all the way. Emily Litella and her rousing commentary on the important issues of today, like Soviet Jewelry, presidential erections and making Puerto Rico a steak. I've got my Ted Baker sweater, Anthropologie shirt dress, leggings from Target and Nine West pirate boots (just because I need a little pirate in my life)."

Kim's look:

"I love Pat Sajek, I must say..." Ed Grimley

Black sweater by INC, gold and black checked skirt from Nordstrom, and shoes by Nine West

Jilli's look:

"Gumby Dammit!"
Wednesday challenge: Dirty Dancing


  1. I laughed picturing you dancing around your kids clanging the cowbell, trying to cure the "fever".


  2. And here I thought Cowbell could cure all ills. I've been schooled. I love this post because I love Saturday night live like Cindy (Chris Farley's Gap Girls character) loves french fries.

    I am sooo following your blog!