Friday, December 16, 2011

Twilight Saga

Ok. LOOOOOVEd these books. Except not as much the last one. Mostly because I think that Renesmee is the twerpiest name in Christiandom. I try not to hate on the things that actual people name their babies, but I am going to hate a little on this fictional character's baby name. That being said, I have not seen the new Twilight movie. This makes me sad, but I have children and there you go.

Casie's look:

I am Jane- the Volturi of Pain (ok, I just realized that rhymes- which makes it far less ominous sounding). I love it that Jane looks all prim and precious in her tights and mary janes, but don't cross her cuz she is just WRONG. She will kill you with her mind. I felt like my cameo ring looked all supah old Volturi-ish and I am working the Jane-style tights and mary janes with all black.

I tried to take one picture with an evil smile, but I think it looks like I just farted or something. Maybe that is my vampire power...GAS.

top- INC, clothing swap skirt- thrifted tights and necklace- Target shoes- Ebay
ring-passed down from Mom

Lisa's look:

"I chose the character I most identify with (don't we all have one?). Esme Cullen"

"Reebok suit from a bag of hand me downs, black under shirt from Target kids dept and earrings made by a local artist I lovingly call daughter!

"Even though this shows the 3 chins I try to hide, I couldn't help but share how hard it was not to crack up as I tried to look all serious about those newborn vampires!

Deb's look:

"Another mirror image for ya. Me and Alice (Ashley Greene). Love her look! Forever 21 and NY."

Chelsea's look:

"I went for a mashup of the two characters I most identify with: Bella and Alice."

"Poor angsty, misunderstood, messy-haired Bella. She's a little bit "sweet, small town girl" and a little "edgy rock star". She loves until her face
falls off...and ulitmately picks the wrong guy (who does this sound like?). Team Jacob all the way, by the way. So the other side of me is Alice...she's quirky and organized and can throw together a party at a moment's notice. She also wears clothes that can be best described as "cute" and "sweet"...with an edge. She is a vampire, you know. Gotta have that edge.

So for Bella/Alice, I wore my Ted Baker greay schlumpy sweater with a kicky, Ted Baker peter pan collar top (with rhinestones!) with grey acid washed zip to the top Ted Baker jeans and blood red glitter Louboutin shoes."

Jilli's look:

*I think Jilli looks very Bella today.

"I admit, I have not seen nor read any of the Twilight series. When I see the ads, it seems to be a lot of walking around in the forest, so I have worn my favorite Steve Madden boots and Joe's jeans. I added some dark colored tops from Gap, and a somewhat somber expression."

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