Thursday, December 1, 2011

Office Supplies

In my youth (and to my own children now) office supplies were among the keenest of things. Playing office was always a favorite game. So many things to tape and staple and stamp and stick. Of course now, I actually need all these little thingees, but I will tell you the truth, it still gives me a thrill t make the Staples order.

I have to admit, I am sort of surprised that no one is dressed as the red Swingline stapler from Office Space. never can tell.

Rachelle's look:

I think there was some kind of mess up with me getting all of Rachelle's pics, but here is the meat and potatoes of her look. She is thumb tacks.

Casie's look:

My favorite office supply is a jewel tone post-it note. I have pictured my very own post-it here, complete with note to myself. I love you, jewel tone post-its, for your many uses and happy color pallet. Cheers to you!

blouse- thrifted in the "major thrift store haul of New Hampshire 2011"
jeans- Simply Vera Wang, Kohls

Jillian's look:

*please note Jillian's scissor side-kick to her left because it amuses me greatly. :)

"I am scissors also today! This version is purple-handled. Gap sweater and shirt, "silver" grey Gap pants, Banana Republic scarf, Matisse pumps, and Stella & Dot silver jewelry accents."

Kim's look:
"I love this piece of art - located at the Hess Collection winery in Napa. Today, I'm the "Modified Typewriter". As the "Modified Typewriter", I'm in a gold cashmere sweater from and Black Theorty slacks. I've added to it with a necklace from Banana Republic that reminds me of paper clips!!"

Hurt Family looks:

I love family teams!!!! And I cannot even say how cute it is that the Hurt's came up with ONE pic that could represent them all!

Sterling's look:

"Here's Sterling working the black sharpie style of dress for Office Supply day. All hand-me-downs from big sister except the Hello Kitty socks that she is obsessed with lately."

Jax's look:

"Jaxie D! was inspired by a blue gel roller pen that she picked up off the floor last night while picking out her clothes. Clothes from various and sundry places and the Converse from Converse!"

Bugg's look:

"Kaitlin B! (or Bugg as we like to call her) went for the pink highlighter look. She acquired her shirt from her BFF Kaitlin G, black tights from Kmart and the boots as well! She also went with a sock bun hair style...guess you could say a roll of tape! :)"

Tricia's look:

"I'm rockin the black handled scissors look today! All black attire from Express, silver necklace from the Buckle and you can't see them but I have red heels!"
*Tricia updated to black heels and you can see them in the pic above. Ummmm....super fierce!

Glidewell Family looks:

(Baby Jack did not get an individual pic, but sis and K say that he is the thumb tacks in his cute and colorful pjs)

Lisa's look:

"I represent the paperclips. (after all, aren't moms good at keeping everyone together?). I have lots of silver/gray and a necklace that is very paperclippy. Target and Thrift and Gift. It seems that is where all my outfits begin;)

Jonathan's look:

He was deemed post-it fabulous by Miss K. I am thinking post-it flag is most represented by his royal blue shirt and cool, black hat.

Kaitlin's look:

"Such an enthusiastic player. Dressing everyone. Aunt Casie's girl here. She is a black stapler with silver staples. Southpole shirt."
Friday challenge: Sixteen Candles (the movie- just in case you did not get my code)

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