Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today's theme is Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights! Happy Hanukkah Everyone!!!

Kim's Look:

My husband helped me out today - he said this dress reminded him of the spinning dreidel! I think the stripes make it look like I'm spinning while standing still! Dress by INC.
Jillian's Look:

I'm not sure why Hanukkah's color is blue, but I went with it! Blue Gap pants and blue Banana blouse, with gold Stella & Dot jewelry to be the lights!

Lisa's Look (with Jack):

Jack is a dradle in a hat he put on himself. :). Trust me, he spins all the time:)

I am a pretty commercial version of the Festival of Lights today. Every time I see Happy Hannukah in stores it is Blue with Snowflakes. My sweater is the blue and my jewelry represents bright snowflakes. Earrings from Aeropostale, Necklace a graduation present, Blue sweater gifted and warm on an icy day in New England. You can barely see the light dusting of snow on the ground outside the window. Happy Hanukkah:)

Casie's Look:

Casie is in the land of slow internet (aka Rural Texas), but she perseveres and works with what she has for the sake of the Styling Game! Casie

"Thank Goodness I just got a bunch of scarves for Christmas. I now get how hard it is to play out of a suitcase. I swear I didn't pre-pick. I have just been coming up with holiday ideas on the spot. Hannukkah blue!"

Chelsea's Look:

Better late than never - trying out a new fun creative way of documenting the clothes during my holiday break from work. :) Top: Anthropologie; Bottoms: Ross Skinny Jeans; Bootie Shoes: Softi. Happy Chanukah to all!!! :)

Tricia's Look:

Happy Hanukkuh from Tricia. She is wearing almost famous jeans, target tank and gilly girl sweat shirt.
Tomorrow's Challenge is Frosty the Snowman!

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