Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disney Villiains

Disney makes great evil villains! Let's see how everyone used this challenge to show their evil, dark side today!

Deborah's Look:

"why is she wearing my molted exoskeleton?!" :) Hopper from a Bug's Life. Sweater/shrug from Foreign Exchange. Scaly looking goodness.

Mandy's Look:

Today, I decided to go with Scar from The Lion King. Brown and black. Shirt- Old Navy, Shoes- Kohls, Everything else gifted.

Lisa's Look:

Today I am Captain Hook in a wrap around red shirt with white under shirt (thrifted), black boots (thrifted) and a big gold necklace (Target) with the ocean on it. Arggggh!

Casie's Look:

Scar from the Lion King. Shirt is Liz Lang maternity(cuz I liked it), Jeans thrifted, Scar-f (get it) gift. Ring Christmas Gift


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