Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Potato Head

Apparently when Mr. Potato Head started, he was just his parts and you put them in a real potato. But folks started to complain about all the rotten vegetable toys and they had to make a body for the guy. But you know, that was very environmentally friendly using a real potato....

Casie's look:

I feel that Mrs. and Mr. Potato are really all about accessories. I made sure to wear plenty of them today. I have on my potato colored dress with: apron, 2 necklaces, earrings, 6 bracelets, 2 rings, headband, purse, sunglasses and the all important colored shoes (they are red, but you can't tell in the rassa frassin picture). And I am sporting red lips in her honor too. And yes, I do wear aprons in public. They are too pretty to stay in the kitchen.

dress: thrifted
shoes: Ebay
apron: Vintage, gift

Lisa's look:

A demure potato with handbag in tow.

Kim's look:

*The potato head is "wrapped" in blue. Get it?
Mr Potato Head. All in spudly brown with a blue wrap and shoes!

Jilli's look:

This is the most potato-colored top I have with me. I wore pearl earrings in honor of Mrs. Potato Head.

Thursday challenge: The Royal Tennenbaums


  1. lol. You all look great. And I can't wait for The Royal Tennenbaums!

  2. The original Mr. Potato Head on the right looks like a demonic Luigi from Mario Bros. I think his makeover was much needed. . .

    Casie, awesome on you for wearing aprons out and about! A lot of those vintage ones are too pretty to actually, you know, cook in.

    I too am really excited to see what you guys come up with for Royal Tennenbaums. . .

  3. cuuuuute! (totally agree w/ jenn re the apron :))