Monday, April 16, 2012


Casie's look:

I am the green tree frog- Louisiana State Amphibian.

dress and jacket- thrifted
shoes and necklace- Target
jeggings- Sears (don't worry, I got it on the softer side)

The Glidewell clan's looks:

*just darn cute...just like my niecy poo.

*American Bullfrog in the grass.

*red backed salamander- I am sure they like trees too.

Kim's look:


Jilli's look:

I chose this from my limited travel wardrobe as inspired by Gardiner's tiny tree frog. Pardon the grainy shot from the hotel bathroom. I guess this week I will be the first to post each day that I play... it's 6:20am here!
*p.s. She is in SHANGHAI. That is challenge dedication. I heart her.

Tuesday challenge: South Park

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