Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Horeseback Rider

Yes, we are behind. I have experienced technical difficulties for a few days, but now we are set to get back on track. First off, Friday's look of horseback rider. I fancy myself a girl who would like to ride horses. I mean, I think most girls have a thing for horses for at least one era of their lives (cue t-shirt with the iron-on, glittery horse picture).

I do not ride horses, but I like to pet them.

Casie's look:

Well, I am a Texas girl (born and bred) and you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never take the Texas out of the girl. If I am going to ride horses, I will be riding western style. I call this look "Rhinestone Cowboy"- note the rhinestone accessories. I am sporting my state seal of Texas belt buckle and my fancy cowboy boots, along with a pair of jeans. Yee haw. On a related note, this challenge thing will make a liar of you. I guess I can't say I don't wear pants much now that I have worn them three times in as many weeks. My horizons have officially been broadened.

boots: Ariat
belt buckle: some western store in Houston
shirt: hand me down from Ali
jeans: White House/Black Market, thrifted
accessories: Mom, thrifted, ebay, bought it to wear to a wedding, gift, etc.

Ali's look:

Ali went more traditional equestrian with a "jodpur" pant and "riding" vest. Do you like my liberal use of "quotes"? Her shoes evoke riding boots but keep her toes cool in the blistering California sun. I like this pose. I think it says, "You see me, but I don't see you." Very classy.

T and Leggings: target
Vest: nordstrom (I think... And yes, I know I just wore this...)

Shoes: nordstrom rack

Jewelry: heiress hoops in gold, gold Bardot spiral bangle, Jezebel necklace, all stelladot.com/ali

Monday's challenge: Heidi

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