Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney's Pop Century Resort

Aaaah, the memories... Maybe you don't know what the Pop Century Resort is? Well when you stay "in the magic" as we refer to when you stay on property at a Disney Resort, one of your options is the Pop Century Resort. This is a hotel that pays tribute to the decades of the 20th century, 50's- the millennium. Me, Ali, and Jilli (Ali's sister who issued this challenge), along with our respective better halves, spent a week at this resort in May of 2005. Oh the good times. You just can't even imagine.

Casie's look-

(what is that look on my face in the full body shot? I guess I am in a dreamy 50's moment)

I opted for the 50's. The Pop Century tends to represent the most kitchsy/campy versions of the decades and this is one of my most kitchsy/campy outfits. I did not just slop this together for the chall-ahnge. This is an outfit I wear on a fairly regular basis. I love this apron and I just don't see any reason why an apron can't be a lovely accessory!

dress and tank- thrifted
apron- vintage and a gift
shoes- Old Navy
earrings- Stella & Dot
Ali's Look:

Ali ended up unexpectedly staying out of town for an extra day and did not pack for the chall-ahnge. Hopefully she will be back in the mix tomorrow.

Tomorrow's challenge: subtle patriotism

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