Monday, August 8, 2011

Jailhouse Rock

(What is this look saying? He kind of looks like he is doing a Christopher Walken impersonation)

It is a song. It could be a state of mind. You could take it very literally and it could be an igneous stone in a prison. Who knows? Doesn't it kind of blow your mind? Today, it is definitely a fashion statement.

Ali's look:

Ali could not participate today due to circumstances beyond her control. AKA- she did not leave her house and her look consisted primarily of the pajamas she slept in.

Casie's look:

Well, iconically speaking, Elvis wears a striped shirt and dungarees in the movie Jailhouse Rock. Now I don't own a black and white striped shirt. I do own black dungarees (but I weren't feeling them). I did realize that I have a red and white striped shirt and then there are my new (thrifted) Gloria Vanderbilt stirrup jeans. YES, I SAID STIRRUP. I love them a lot and they aren't all stupid and low waisted like the jeans the kids wear today. Also, I feel like my earrings kind of have a handcuffy bondage look (in a chain gang kind of way). So I have busted this look for jailhouse rock. Not really outside the box, but I like it anywho. And I know I said I never wear pants and here I am a second time, but GLORIA VANDERBILT STIRRUP JEANS. Are you even listening?

Tomorrow's challenge: any character from the board game Clue

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