Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heavy Metal

ROCK AND ROLL!!!!! It is heavy metal day. Now in the past, I would NEVER have called myself a heavy metal fan. Fact is, my hubby loves the stuff and he has educated me well. I now really have an appreciation for heavy metal. My favorites are Iron Maiden and Dio. I have watched a great deal of VH1 classics and That Metal Show (not to mention countless hours of concerts). If you don't know heavy metal, you should try it. However, there are many ways to interpret a theme. That is kind of the point of this whole thing, and here we go!

Ali's look:

Looks like Ali's heavy metal is bronze. Interesting that she and her sister (featured later) opted for variations on the same theme. Nature or nurture? Who knows.

Casie's look:

*like my screaming fan? No, literally, she was screaming. Wanted me to pick her up. VERY hard to take a pic this morning.

When I asked the metal superfan hubz what his suggestions were for today, he told me tight and leather pants. I told him that a.) I don't own leather pants and b.) this is something I have to wear to work. He just shrugged his shoulders and offered to lend me his Motley Crue concert shirt. I wanted to pay tribute to Dio, but I was fresh out of poet shirts and Ren-fest wear (which also wasn't really what I wanted to wear to work). So I love Dio, but this is what you get.

I think my suede fringe boots are about one of the coolest things I own. Sigh, love, admiring glance towards feet. My printed tank was my nod to a concert t-shirt. I also notice that 80's metal babes tended to wear a lot of underwear as outerwear, so the lace shirt is me trying to rock that look in a work-friendly way.

jeans- Gloria Vanderbilt, thrifted
tank- Target
lace blouse- Guess
boots- Ebay
belt- Target (actually, it is a necklace)

Jillian's look:

Jillian (Ali's big sis BTW) is showing us both "heavy" and "metal". She is loaded up with fabulous silver Stella & Dot accesories and pictured with her very HEAVY luggage and computer bag. Jilli is showing us you can play the game even if you are traveling on business. Jillian, we salute you!

sweater- Nordstrom
skirt- Target
shoes- Banana Republic

Kaitanya's look:

Zebra print, cut out shoulders, metal hoops worn in interesting places!! If she had those tight leather pants of which my husband speaks, she might be mistaken for a time traveler from the golden age of metal.

Windy's look:

She says it is wearable but not her style. I don't know...you look pretty hot, Windy.

Jeans – thrifted, Hydraulic
Tank – Charlotte Russe
Boots – Nine West
Necklace and earrings – Stella & Dot
Bracelet – flea market

Wednesday challenge: Pie, pie. Oh delicious pie.

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