Thursday, August 11, 2011


Whispy, diaphanous, feathery, light, glowing.....all adjectives I would use to describe the general idea of the image of angels. Although, biblically speaking, some of those guys can be pretty fierce (brandishing swords and all). I wonder what angels think about things like angel bears and figurines with fiber-optically lit wings? Or the fact that Victoria's Secret is trying to make the word angel mean a sexy woman, wearing nothing but underpants and wings? Do they laugh or do they cry?

Ali's look:

Cupid. Brilliant. Didn't even think of that. Ali is working her biblical sandals, an arrow necklace and a fancy-back shirt to represent wings. Has cupid worked his magic on you? Do you love what you see?

Shirt/pants: target
Shoes: something cheap I've had for like 10 years. Does that count as vintage???
Jewelry: Chelsea necklace in gold, on the mark necklace (a tribute to Cupid), Bardot spiral bangle in gold, renegade mini drop earrings, all

Casie's look:

When I really think about angels, I realized that I don't think of them with wings at all. I guess I sort of think of them like Patrick Swayze in ghost. They just run around in regular clothes and kind of stalk you in a benevolent way but you don't know they are there (unless they move pennies or something).

But when I think about the idea of angels, wings come up alot. And so today, wings are the focus of my angelic outfit.

I lurve this birdie dress which I think might be supposed to be a nightgown but I wear it as a regular dress anyway. I have a thing for birds. One of my nicknames is Gentle Bird and so I always like bird stuff (get it? birds? wings?)

(click on the pic to see the birds mo betta)

I wanted something halo-esqe as well, so I thought I would wear a necklace in my hair, but none of mine worked. Instead I crafted this headband. I cut the wings from felt and had the rhinestones (and the bedazzler!) laying around. I glued all to a silver ribbon and voila! Angel Wing Headband!

dress- Anthropologie, Ebay
shoes- Old Navy, thrifted
headband- homemade with love
earrings- Ebay

Tomorrow's challenge: horseback riders (courtesy of Lowe Taylor)

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